Reset – the Shift is happening

In this phase you are experiencing, you are coming into the reset time of change. Are you ready to understand that? Are you ready to accept different ways of living – and you are all in a preparation state. Whether that relates to the next dimension or not, remains to be seen for you. The experience has been to shift your focus into one of maintaining yourself, your environment, your particular family unit or those you are existing with, into a state of clearness. So, separating yourself from others who are not ready to participate in this upliftment phase has been motivated of course by the current health situation. There is the overlaying and underlying and incorporation of the true purpose for you to be separated so that you align most clearly into your higher evolved aspect – that ultimate, that original state we often refer to as your point of origin existence and that correctly receives all of the informational data that you need at this time….
……Some of this information and energy you are receiving was emitted through different areas in different galaxies at some other time ready to be presented to you as the portals open in this current phase for you. Thus, you will understand the greater evolutionary process for you. This evolutionary process was part of the fabric of creation, the concept, the matrix of creation, with everything that is available to support, uplift, expand and as you become aware of that, then you see you have always been part of this. It was not imposed on you. It was your choice to accept the opportunity in this current lifetime you are experiencing to participate in this, to be here to witness it occurring, to assist the expansion into the next field of dimensional existence.
– #1011 Apr 2, 2020

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