Light is important

The Quantum Self chose to have the person receive healing in a zoom session. Client was in a chair placed close to the computer, the sound and video were clear [always important!]. After exploring other life patterns and dimensions, the Quantum Self had this to say –

In the human form humans have the ability to decide when the body passes. It depends on the path they choose and whether they decide to fulfill the potential for that body and for that life . The body was beginning to break down. The healing given in this session has given free will to choose and not to be constrained by the toxins in the body.
Client was told that a lifelong tendency to depression was to do with toxins injected right from a young age. They block the pathways of the light and that was all cleared in the session
Light is important, some sounds can smother it. Pharmaceutical medical drugs can smother it
In the oceans, the light is coming through there to help those ones that are coming through now. It is a life form. There is a certain frequency in the light in this life form that is brought to the surface and will start clearing. It is a colour, not seen in the air but is seen in the water. It is a frequency. The client is to work with this light, in painting, it triggers cellular memory. The colour seen through the eyes will trigger the imprint that exists.

Was I Hypnotised?

Many people question if they have had a successful QHHT session because they were ‘aware’ during the session. I wanted to share some proof I recently got.
As a scientist and QHHT practitioner, I am always looking for evidence of things to confirm my beliefs. (It’s the scientific way – hypothesis and then testing to get the answer )
I had my own session on Friday. I wear a Fitbit 24/7 and I don’t even notice it any more. It measures activity, but also HR and your sleep cycle. During my session I felt aware and remembered most of the session. I did feel like my eyes and eyelids were really rapidly moving but other than that remembered much including hearing sounds in the hallway.
Yesterday I happened to sync my Fitbit and was puzzled when I saw a 3 hr nap on Friday. When I looked more closely, I noticed that it was the exact same length of time as my hypnosis session. The Fitbit registered me as spending 2/3 of my time in light sleep, a bit in deep and then the other 1/3 of the time in REM sleep (that was the SC). It even had the exact time when I had to take a bathroom break. That helped me to confirm that my brainwaves were in trance level even though I felt aware during the session.
I hope that helps people feel more confident that they are in trance even when they feel aware.
~ Deanna Frey – Official Dolores Cannon Group. Nov 2020

Quantum Light

You are beginning to use the Quantum Light which is the foundation of all existence. Quantum light is a frequency and it has become apparent for many people this is what is needed at this time. The Quantum Light then is possibly measured and identified on Earth as certain patterns and metabolic processes and identified as names. The Quantum Light pattern frequency adapts to what is needed. it is the Light that is present throughout existence and does exist in a pattern that is emanated through your sun.

Energy field repair

There are many patterns being created in the layers of the energy field surrounding the planet, the moon and extending throughout your known planetary galaxy that Earth is known to be in currently and many disturbances have been created through the presentation of vehicles moving through it. The quantum field is able to reform to establish that system of light and the quantum connection throughout creation and part of the Galactic Federation presence is participating in that, to ensure that there is the coordinated work, coordinated connections so that ultimately the resonating field that is available within and around you individually is able to clearly resonate with the galactic presence, with that quantum consciousness system.
~ extract from session 1042 – Oct 29, 2020

Food from Natural Plant & Mineral Life

…”by stepping into the higher field of originating energy essence and this nurtures all those levels of you.
It will nurture you in the sense that it increases the energy field of what you ingest and what you ingest should be coming from your natural plant life and mineral life present upon the planet, because your body form is attuned to those nutritional substances.” ~ #1030 August 6, 2020

Wake up

We say to you the words which may resonate to you –
Wake up Beloved Galactic Being
and be filled with the joy that you are expressing and experiencing, and that you are now enabled to express in every action, in every word, in every thought which you have, through all the multi-dimensional aspects of you, that is known as you as a Being present in the current lifestream on Earth. ~ #1029 July 30, 2020

Their Presence

We have not come into your awareness and into the presence of Earth to over-turn or overcome any situation or groups of beings. We offer our presence because it is the potential of creation and it is the reformation offered to reposition you back into the highest evolved state where there is ongoing connection and alignment processes through many of the intersections through dimensional connections and portals. It is all about the energy which you are receiving, which Earth is receiving, and all Beings. ~ #1028 July 23, 2020

Daily Purification

A Daily Purifying Technique

The energies of the universe that we are in are changing rapidly, our vibrations are changing and it is important at this time to discharge the energies of each day before we go to sleep so that those old energies are not carried forward into our resting and renewal time, nor into the new day.

As part of the guidance received to assist us to be in clear energy all the time, I give you below a technique to use on a daily basis.

At the end of your day ~

Find a quiet place to stand, outside on the grass is ideal, but inside will do just as well but away from any electrical appliances.

Take 3 deep slow breaths in and out.

Sense the accumulated stresses and concerns of the day and all thoughts and polluted air or energy you have been through, as a cloud of grey energy around you or within you. Pull a plug beneath your feet and see this accumulation draining away from you into the earth or into a stream of water beneath you. The energies in the earth will take it and transmute it.

Call on the pure universal essence to now pour down upon you, filling you up as if you are a clear column to be filled with light, flowing from above your head to beneath your feet then up to your heart centre and out with love to the Earth and all people.

Where there is light ~ there is only light ….

Finally, see this energy surrounding you completely in a strong field of radiance, peace and love.

Take one more deep breath in and out.

Each day be aligned with the Light on your Pathway ~ so, at the start of each day ~

Again, call on the pure universal essence to pour down upon you, filling you up through your physical body and all your energy field, flowing from above your head to beneath your feet then up to your heart centre and out with love to the Earth and all people.

See this energy surrounding you completely in a strong field of radiance, peace and love and make any affirmations which are applicable to you.

Take a deep breath in and out, and you are now ready to enjoy the day.

With love and light to you ~ Lani