Daily Purification

A Daily Purifying Technique

The energies of the universe that we are in are changing rapidly, our vibrations are changing and it is important at this time to discharge the energies of each day before we go to sleep so that those old energies are not carried forward into our resting and renewal time, nor into the new day.

As part of the guidance received to assist us to be in clear energy all the time, I give you below a technique to use on a daily basis.

At the end of your day ~

Find a quiet place to stand, outside on the grass is ideal, but inside will do just as well but away from any electrical appliances.

Take 3 deep slow breaths in and out.

Sense the accumulated stresses and concerns of the day and all thoughts and polluted air or energy you have been through, as a cloud of grey energy around you or within you. Pull a plug beneath your feet and see this accumulation draining away from you into the earth or into a stream of water beneath you. The energies in the earth will take it and transmute it.

Call on the pure universal essence to now pour down upon you, filling you up as if you are a clear column to be filled with light, flowing from above your head to beneath your feet then up to your heart centre and out with love to the Earth and all people.

Where there is light ~ there is only light ….

Finally, see this energy surrounding you completely in a strong field of radiance, peace and love.

Take one more deep breath in and out.

Each day be aligned with the Light on your Pathway ~ so, at the start of each day ~

Again, call on the pure universal essence to pour down upon you, filling you up through your physical body and all your energy field, flowing from above your head to beneath your feet then up to your heart centre and out with love to the Earth and all people.

See this energy surrounding you completely in a strong field of radiance, peace and love and make any affirmations which are applicable to you.

Take a deep breath in and out, and you are now ready to enjoy the day.

With love and light to you ~ Lani

Toilet fear

Distant Personal Energy Multi-dimensional Field session for a 7 year old boy who would not use a toilet, crying if anyone took near a toilet. There was energy clearance, associated with a sound triggering a past life memory and injury, and other information given. It was recommended that the session be played regularly so that the energy continued to help him, even if he was asleep.
“My son is now fully using the toilet during the day!!! I can’t believe how easy it had been since he has listened to your recording! I have no other explanation for it. We have had years of issues, money spent, doctor visits, etc with no success at all. All the stress is gone, he is happier within himself, it’s amazing to see. Thank you so much.”

Parallel Timeline

Some of you will be aware that there is a duality of reality, of time, and so some of the historical events that have been recorded relate to the different timeline from that which you are existing in and manifesting as the reality.
You possibly will have been aware that you have shifted from the alternate time reality to come into the balanced state and in that state there was the potential for many things to be manifested. Where you are now in the cycle and what you identify with is creating the parallel reality that existed of pure light harmony and balance. …….This is what you are doing in reality with you aligning with your pure aspect of creation, bringing it into your true deep resonance and then you find you are drawing into you different ways of creation to restore you into – perhaps you would call it a state of better living.
~ #1017 May 7, 2020

Create the new Reality

. Hold within you in this imprinting design for you – the DNA designation – the imprint of everything to be provided through the natural resources, through the evolutionary processes, through the expanding consciousness using bio-technology in its most informed highest evolved aspect. You may already be aware of the mis-information and the distortion of the true purpose for bio-plasmic technology and this comes from the higher evolved states of consciousness that your Galactic family are already using. ~ #1014 April 16, 2020

Reset – the Shift is happening

In this phase you are experiencing, you are coming into the reset time of change. Are you ready to understand that? Are you ready to accept different ways of living – and you are all in a preparation state. Whether that relates to the next dimension or not, remains to be seen for you. The experience has been to shift your focus into one of maintaining yourself, your environment, your particular family unit or those you are existing with, into a state of clearness. So, separating yourself from others who are not ready to participate in this upliftment phase has been motivated of course by the current health situation. There is the overlaying and underlying and incorporation of the true purpose for you to be separated so that you align most clearly into your higher evolved aspect – that ultimate, that original state we often refer to as your point of origin existence and that correctly receives all of the informational data that you need at this time….
……Some of this information and energy you are receiving was emitted through different areas in different galaxies at some other time ready to be presented to you as the portals open in this current phase for you. Thus, you will understand the greater evolutionary process for you. This evolutionary process was part of the fabric of creation, the concept, the matrix of creation, with everything that is available to support, uplift, expand and as you become aware of that, then you see you have always been part of this. It was not imposed on you. It was your choice to accept the opportunity in this current lifetime you are experiencing to participate in this, to be here to witness it occurring, to assist the expansion into the next field of dimensional existence.
– #1011 Apr 2, 2020

Light Activation Codes

– YouTube Link – https://youtu.be/pAAwoOBQqMg
March 16, 2020

I am feeling words and impressions around me.
We have information to share with you. We have some data of importance to share with you and to include into segments of your sessions and into your personal sessions.
There has been reached a point of reconnection and recognition for you of where you access the power of intention to utilize the codes of energy and the codes contain many light codes – light spectrum codes because it is in the light that the codes are contained and are distributed and the importance of being in the light, the natural light through the sun as it is at present, is important for all beings on the planet For those who are ready it will activate some of the inherent potential and abilities to restore and to activate and to elevate many of the functions of the body. In particular, the purpose is to increase the light within the energy field and as that increases and adapts to the ultra-light coming through the sun, then the processes of the energy system and therefore the body units is enhanced, is clarified. So, there are many ready, waiting for this activation and information because with the words and between the words the pattern which comes to you and everyone is achieving the result for you.
Do not get concerned or caught up in terminology and in analytical processes. This simply is beyond the common languages used on Earth. It is a language of light codes and again this is not what is utilized as the “language of light”. This again is simply codes which you are receiving and the energy aspect of you, the consciousness field, understands completely and absorbs it.
So you feel a natural upliftment, a stronger sense of being aligned and that is the purpose of this message for you today.
Every one of you has the capacity to respond to the light activation within you. It is part of your inheritance because it is your energy that is inherent within you, far beyond ancestral inheritance that you speak about and are aware of. This is the spectrum of light originating in the One Creative Source – and you are of that. Thus it is done.

Manifest Healing in the Physical Body

I was taken into an hypnotic state Feb 10, 2020, and one of the questions I had for the Higher Self/Sub Conscious was what does it take for healing received in the light body to manifest in the physical body.
Practitioner Yamin / Client Lani

The SC explained – It is to do with conscious mind allowance . The ego that is talked about. The healing is done in the greater consciousness levels whether that is referred to as the light body or just the greater consciousness and then again it is the same – it has to be accepted by conscious mind, which can block. Even though it is recognized that sometimes the healing or the disinformation or deformities or healing in some way has a benefit for the individual, always presented is the perfect place of alignment into the true original source of energy. It is not that the lesson has to be learned. It is that the conscious mind has to awaken and allow the energy to come in and to bring it into the physical body, and many times it is other people who need to hold the person in the sense of unwellness or disease or disorder and of course then those people also need to be touched and their conscious mind needs to allow the shift to occur to allow the pure light and energy and information to come in. Often people feel there is a hard lesson to be learned. That is a control mechanism and a belief system and we understand the belief systems can be very powerful but we know and you know the greater levels of consciousness exist above that and through that. It is something that each individual needs to recognize and allow to come through.
Even in this one she still needs to allow that to come through into the physical body

Yamin – can you help her to allow that

SC -Yes we are doing that and the same question had arisen from another person who contacted this one for help so she also is being helped

DNA – Reality / Existence

In another space / reality / dimension there is an energy DNA, which I was shown as very fine and light, wispy, and this is present even through all the accumulated changes in the current physical DNA over many life times. You are moving into the existence most suited to the DNA pattern emerging again within you. Many times you will feel different – this is the Light Body Self manifesting.

Prepare for sudden change

In a recent Personal Energy Multi-dimensional Field session the person was visited by Galactic Beings [again]. Work is being done enhancing energy systems around Earth. Interplanetary network of Beings helping in many ways, achieving improved ways of living, these ways exist in you and many people It is hidden/masked at the present time. This different way of living is like ascending into the different dimension. It will be like flicking a switch into this different dimension of living – timing is not revealed.
People are being checked for their preparedness to accept a sudden change. It will appear people will come to a standstill, perhaps in sleep, and will then be switched on/into the new dimension. The information is already in you. Be aware there will be a sudden change, upliftment. People may call it ascension. It is not dying, the body will change. There is an abundance of energy for everyone when they seek it, needs opening of minds, like curiosity to know why they are in the body on Earth.

Golden Light Beings

Perhaps you see them as Golden Light energy Beings and this indicates a level of expansion and connection to Source Energy and the level of presence and purpose as they mingle with you at this time, speaking directly to many of you in your heart sensing, and this is important because then you know their presence.
They encompass you in the field of knowledge to do with the changing systems around Earth planet, changing systems that have always existed but you are becoming more aware and conscious of the existence of the energy systems of Light. This is appearing to you as crystalline light at this time, sparkling energy around you. You would feel it on your skin. You would feel it in the layers of your energy form surrounding your physical skin and as you correctly attune with this energy coming through the Light Portals from Source, there is a cleansing effect and many of you may have been realising your physical systems have been manifesting certain symptoms and the sensing is that you have been needing to be clear. ~ Issue #989 Oct 19, 2019

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