Native American Prophecy and Spacecraft

December 30, 1996 at 1 a.m.

I see a Native American, wearing a headband with one white feather tipped with black. His name sounds like Hooma.

He says ~
“I come in peace to tell you to sort out my peoples sayings. We wait for you to come and listen to us. You bring us golden light which we wait for.

My people are dividing. The ones who have knowledge and seeing are waiting to greet the bringers of light.

The unseeing ones declare that is nonsense and that we have waited for long time for prophecy and we will still be waiting a further long time. They do not believe the signs and signals.
We came to you because you can show us all, the vision of what will be.

Come. Sit.”
[He takes me to a fire]

Medicine man throws something on fire. Smoke. It opens my awareness, expands it like a big crystal ball in front of forehead and above head.

“Link with the stars” they say.
They gather on the other side of the fire and look into the sphere of light above my head.

They see many many space craft come and hover above the earth.
They see streams raining down on earth of golden light. And messages (tied to arrows) so they will understand they are messages.

The earth begins to be hazy and shimmery like looking at heat waves rising off a hot surface.
And people, who seem to be in a deep sleep pop up above the land and are gathered with care and gentleness into areas within the ships.

A contingent of ships taking some of the people goes in one direction to another planet. But most stay together in a great sphere which is created. All is still and peaceful, they live, are happy, in groups together ~ family, friends, animals too.

And there is a linking with the ones who have left us before (“died”), and coming together in discussion. For a while. Then they go. They are still in different realms, for the people within the sphere are within their bodies, while those who have passed over, have left their physical bodies.

The earth changes over a period of time and much is lost and new land is formed.
Then the people in the big sphere are brought back and they create new forms, housing, transport, and there is a lightness within them. A new heaven on earth.

“This is what we wanted our people all to see and know.
We can now be free and accepted.
All peoples can now be free.
We thank you for letting us see.
It was written in the heavens. But some would not see.
There will be a drawing together of our people now. And a readiness. We understand.”

Suddenly I am back at my computer and he gives a slight bow, right hand to his heart, and withdraws