Set out below is a telepathic communication I received on June 11, 1996. Other people may have received similar messages and I join with them in the Higher Power to strengthen this knowledge in the mass consciousness.

Do not be afraid. Fear stops the intuition and love energy from flowing and interferes with the positive messages helping and supporting us in our evolving to higher levels of consciousness ~ and freedom!

A visitor – taller than me [I am 5 ft. 7 in.], light brown skin, large black eyes, narrow chin.

“We come because our identity is being used. We do not take anyone. We do not experiment. We are “copied” by ones on this planet who use our identity for their own genetic experiments.
We speak to you as a Being of Power here on Earth [His name is Zaanen and I received the impression he is from the Pleiades]

We are here to help Earth dwellers evolve in part of the Upliftment. We are not the ones known to you as High Ones, but we are part of the Grand Upliftment process.”

Now there are three – Ojak, Kareetha, Zaanen.

“We speak the truth to you in the Divine Essence Love Power of this Creative Ethic. We acknowledge you as a leader of Truth/Power here. We communicate telepathically and do not harm people. We have our own dwelling sphere and do not wish to dwell on your planet. Look to your own levels of world controllers who gain by scaring people so they are in fear and do not hear the higher forms of communication and assistance.

We thank you for listening.”

They want me to let it be known that they are blamed for experiments conducted by Earth people. They want my help.

“It is while the Earth people are sleeping and unaware that they can be tricked into believing what is presented to them.

There have long been visitations to this planet to check on progress and to see what assistance can be given from various spheres to speed the awakening. As you are aware, it is as a result of the intention manipulated that there became the fearful aspect predominant in the formation of consciousness. With the changes now taking place throughout the universe the opportunity is available for a grand clearance of that old manipulation, by maintaining connection to the level of Purity.

This aspect and phase that your group is working with is the power available to effect the shift, and needs maintaining in the awareness of you all. ”

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