Quantum Energy Information

The information presented is drawn through from a level of consciousness accessed in a trance state through the Dolores Cannon Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. These sessions are brought to you by Lani Calkin of www.omegacommunications.co.nz and Deb Taylor of https://soul-logic.nz

Our intention is to bring energy and information forward to those ones who are consciously aware that they are on this planet to assist in its evolvement and the expansion of consciousness.

Please feel free to share these sessions.

This is the third session, referring to scalar fields, the golden ratio, simple ways to access higher levels of consciousness, and much more ! Please share 🙂

You can read the transcribed version here – QEI HigherDimensionalEnergy 20180501

This is the transcript QEI NewWays 20180313

The Divide and Future Domed areas – Deb Taylor and Lani Calkin

This is the transcript. QEI Divide 20171007