Aboriginal energy

August 27, 2006

In my vision I am looking at an Australian outback scene with beautiful orange-red earth and rocks and scrub-like plants. Standing on one of the rocks is an Aboriginal man – one of the Elders of the tribe I have the sense that he is, along with an older woman – smiling at me, beckoning me to come forward and to stand with them, to feel the warmth of the sunlight on me and to feel the vibration of the earth.

This is a time for the Earth to be transformed and they call upon all those who have opened to their roles of being channels of light-energy for the upliftment and transformation of Earth – to take their place, to be open to the universal energies and to link with those gatekeepers on the Earth such as these two that I have been brought to meet, and to participate in this energy transference from the ancient holders of the energy into the present moment, where all time stands still. For it seems, in my senses, that I am with them when they first acknowledged their position as recognising that they hold the energy for the Earth. Gatekeepers. Key holders. And so here it begins.

They indicate that when you are called to stand upon the Earth, you do so having the intention that all that matters is the energy – the vibration – the sound that the Earth vibrates to. This vibration must be all that is heard.

As I experience this vibration I feel parts of me dissolve away and I stand as an eternal spirit – just as these two with me are eternal spirits. I am aware of other members of their tribe coming around me and around us, emitting a vibration with their humming, with their instruments, which passes through me, right through all of me, vibrating every bone, vibrating every tissue, vibrating every cell, and every memory, to the core of me, again with the sense that all that matters is the reconnection to the vibration of the universe, as it speaks to each one of us, gathering us together in the right time and in the right place to witness this transformation of life. There is a stepping up in the frequency of this sound vibration.

There is the collection within this vibration giving the appearance that energy is swirling around me, and this energy reflects to me water swirling around me – the waters of the land and the air, and there is air swirling around me and there is the fire – the primeval fire of energy swirling around me. And there is also every aspect of creation upon the Earth in its natural element – creatures and vegetation – minerals – everything that the human form is comprised of in its creation. The swirling energy and higher tonal frequencies lift all this away in a great spiral of energy and I feel I come through, emerging as a crystal clear part of me.

There is still very much the recognition as a human form, but deep within it is a clearer aspect, coming forward, merging into what I know as me and identify as me that also has existed since Earth life was present in the human aspect, and perhaps in another aspect where we are now coming back to the Earth to reform it in a new way, to hold it in a new type of construction through levels of our consciousness and our creation as we are inspired by the higher frequency of the universe. These two Aboriginal holders of energy pass into me – and all others like me and like you who relate to this and who vibrate in harmony with this message – their knowledge.

“And we have maintained the memory of this transference of energy throughout all the known history within the Dreamtime pattern, to come forward at this moment in time and this is transferred now to the living Holders of Light. You too will see the manifestation of new types of civilisations arising now, for the continuation of Earth in a higher frequency pattern.

There are many of you throughout all the lands around the Earth planet rising to receive this new frequency. You may feel that you are visitors bringing in fresh ideas as well as receiving visitors to the planet from other areas of life, passing into you the tools and inspirations for the creations to maintain the Earth in the higher pattern of integrity and love and unfolding of higher ideals. And so this is now unfolding. You are part of the land here, committed to taking place this new part of the Earth creation.”

Then with another sound frequency barely discernible to the ear and yet the senses hear it perfectly, that scene fades from my vision, yet it is still all within me.

I reach out to link with all of you who have received this same pattern of light frequency and together we will uphold this new creation. The higher level of communication exists between us all.

Take your part and honour this process. Allow yourself to change with the new impulses which come to you and then you allow others to change. This will sweep through the world.

Let us celebrate the change in each of us.
I celebrate the change in you.

Thank you.