Omega Transmissions

Commander Orem Images by Karen Elsworth

Listening to the messages can help you to experience being with the Light Beings in the Station of Light during the transmissions.

You are drawn into another level of consciousness during the transmissions and it is advisable to be in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed while you listen, and to make sure that you follow the instruction to reconnect fully with your physical body and world at the conclusion of each message, and please do not listen to them if you are driving because you are taken into an altered state of consciousness. Each time you listen to a message, you may hear or experience something different.

Galactic Light Activation. Intention. Earth transition..Keep aligned with the light civilisation as Earth transitions/shifts. .

Text – 1047 Dec 3 2020
Audio –
Quantum Activation Upgrade Neuro Pathways Detox. Chemicals block Light. Expanding concepts, love/evolve…

Text – 1046 Nov 26 2020
Audio –
Quantum Light Civilisation Existence. 2020 Portals. Star Beings, Galactic Federation, Choice

text – 1045 Nov 19 2020
Audio –
Dimensional Portals aligned. Renew Purpose. Veil dissolved. Quantum Presence. Newness. Moved through time….

Text – 1044 Nov 12 2020
Audio –
Quantum Light Balance. Opportunities. Manifestation….Starseeds. More quantum light information in the Earth Station of Light

Text – 1043 Nov 5 2020
Audio –
Quantum Light, Galactic Federation assistance…Orem, AnTur, Station of Light – Your Light work creations, repair disturbances and more

Text – 1042 Oct 29 2020
Audio –
The Quantum Present, Energy Earth, Starfield Fleet – Orem and AnTur bring you to realise your new creation, in the Station of Light…. and more….

Text – 1041 Oct 22 2020
Audio –
Quantum Reality Expansion – Your Solar Portal – Quantum energy to all aspects, ancestors, descendants, from your solar portal plexus…

Text – 1040 Oct 15 2020
Quantum Existence……Clearing control programs

Text – 1039 Oct 8 2020
Quantum Communication Network, Council of Light Adjustments, being attuned to a new wavelength. Your quantum presence in multi realities.

Text – 1038 Oct 1 2020
Your Quantum Galactic Aspects & Companions…Cloak lifted revealing energy matrix of Earth and quantum existence

Text – 1037 Sep 24 2020
Quantum Presence, Earth Galactic Consciousness – More quantum field explanation. Observer and observed

Text – 1036 Sep 17 2020
Audio –
Quantum Consciousness – quantum field adjustments, you created the Station of Light

Text – 1035 Sep 10 2020
Audio –
Galactic Dimensional Upgrade … water energy, solar energy evolving you, starfield consciousness

Text – 1034 Sep 3 2020
Audio –
Galactic Body Upgrade Symptoms, authority changes… Supporting your Mission, Blueprint reconfiguration,Observers of authority figures

Text – 1033 Aug 27 2020
Audio –
Gathering of Light Beings #7
Coordination and Clearing

Text – Gathering of Light Beings #7
Audio –
Your Galactic Presence, Potential offered, Satellites upgraded and strengthening Concepts, Potential offered, your Galactic Portal alignment

Text- 1032 Aug 20 2020
Audio –
Galactic Purpose, Earth Alignment Shift, Resonance ..Your Galactic Point of Origin resonance, Upliftment, expanding consciousness

Text – 1031 Aug 13 2020
Audio –
Time, Shift, Andromeda, Galactic Portals. Time code changes, upgrade, fulfilling mission, potential

Text – 1030 Aug 6 2020
Audio only –
Galactic Portals, Shift, Remedial Pods, Upgrade ..Portals to multi dimensional Galactic timelines. Healing pods/spheres.

Text – 1029 July 30 2020
Audio –
Galactic Observers

Text – 1028 July 23 2020
Audio –

Your Galactic Support, Energy Sphere with you now. Ulea – clear distortions, manifest new life from your Point of Origin, see Beings working in the Station of Light

Text – 1027 July 16 2020
Audio –

Gathering of Light Beings #6

Text – Gathering of Light Beings #6
Audio –

Light cities, light codes, Galactic purpose, point of origin, matrix. Focus on your creations, Point of Origin, energetic shield

1026 July 9 2020
audio –

Galactic Federation, Water element, Your Prime Purpose. Every aspect of you resonating with Point of Origin and your Purpose

1025 July 2 2020
audio –

Galactic Federation Guild connection, Galaxies merging. Powerful energy resonance, Milky Way galactic merging

1024 June 25 2020
audio –

Galactic Federation, Council of Light upliftment, support….Your vital essence and energy being strengthened, and more …

1023 June 18 2020
audio –

Clear Energy Fields, Manifest Galactic Light Civilisation now…Galactic Beings, Conversion into higher field of existence,

1022 June 11 2020
audio –

Omega Healing Pod -Healing begins in the energy field. Experience being within a dimension of light and in a Healing Pod. Pods and columns and spaces of energy exist already,
Your Galactic Mission? Solar Portal Energy. In transportation device to recognise your Galactic Mission. Clearance, Expansion.

1021 June 4 2020
audio –

Galactic Federation, Your Mission, Your Realities. Cmdr Orem, Station of Light explains your inherent manifesting knowledge

1020 May 28 2020
audio –

Galactic Federation, You Mission

1019 May 21 2020
audio 0

Dimensional Portals, Ultra Light, New World. Galactic Federation helping manifest the alternate timeline, restore balance

1018 May 14 2020
audio –

Multi Realities, Intention, Conscious Creation. Participating consciously with Galactic Beings, joyful creation.

1017 May 7 2020
audio –

Accepting your Galactic Conscious Self

1016 Apr 30 2020
audio –

Gathering of Light Beings #1 Apr 25, 2020

Gathering of Light Beings #2 – Apr 26, 2020

Gathering of Light Beings #3 – Apr 28, 2020

Gathering of Light Beings #4 – May 6, 2020

Gathering of Light Beings #5 – May 5, 2020

In the Station of Light changing concepts, cellular upgrade, buffers, holographic system, Crystalline Cities, Dimensional Shifts, Starfield Matrix

1015 Apr 23 2020
audio –

Imprinting New Reality, Bio Plasmic Technology. Station of Light dimension, Orem and Golden Light Being expanding reality

1014 Apr 16 2020
audio –

Individual, Earth Energy Field Shift, Galactic Beings. Orem and Ulea speak about your choice and Purpose on Earth, and more energy field clearance and upgrade

1013 Apr 9 2020

Dimensional Portal Energy. April 5, 2020 Special Energy Edition – Upgraded, DNA Energy, Matrix

1012 Apr 2 2020s
audio –

Reset, The Shift is happening. This evolutionary process was part of the fabric of creation, you chose. Orem, Council of Light & Ulea

1011 Apr 2 2020
audio –

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