Light is important

The Quantum Self chose to have the person receive healing in a zoom session. Client was in a chair placed close to the computer, the sound and video were clear [always important!]. After exploring other life patterns and dimensions, the Quantum Self had this to say –

In the human form humans have the ability to decide when the body passes. It depends on the path they choose and whether they decide to fulfill the potential for that body and for that life . The body was beginning to break down. The healing given in this session has given free will to choose and not to be constrained by the toxins in the body.
Client was told that a lifelong tendency to depression was to do with toxins injected right from a young age. They block the pathways of the light and that was all cleared in the session
Light is important, some sounds can smother it. Pharmaceutical medical drugs can smother it
In the oceans, the light is coming through there to help those ones that are coming through now. It is a life form. There is a certain frequency in the light in this life form that is brought to the surface and will start clearing. It is a colour, not seen in the air but is seen in the water. It is a frequency. The client is to work with this light, in painting, it triggers cellular memory. The colour seen through the eyes will trigger the imprint that exists.