Light Activation Codes

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March 16, 2020

I am feeling words and impressions around me.
We have information to share with you. We have some data of importance to share with you and to include into segments of your sessions and into your personal sessions.
There has been reached a point of reconnection and recognition for you of where you access the power of intention to utilize the codes of energy and the codes contain many light codes – light spectrum codes because it is in the light that the codes are contained and are distributed and the importance of being in the light, the natural light through the sun as it is at present, is important for all beings on the planet For those who are ready it will activate some of the inherent potential and abilities to restore and to activate and to elevate many of the functions of the body. In particular, the purpose is to increase the light within the energy field and as that increases and adapts to the ultra-light coming through the sun, then the processes of the energy system and therefore the body units is enhanced, is clarified. So, there are many ready, waiting for this activation and information because with the words and between the words the pattern which comes to you and everyone is achieving the result for you.
Do not get concerned or caught up in terminology and in analytical processes. This simply is beyond the common languages used on Earth. It is a language of light codes and again this is not what is utilized as the “language of light”. This again is simply codes which you are receiving and the energy aspect of you, the consciousness field, understands completely and absorbs it.
So you feel a natural upliftment, a stronger sense of being aligned and that is the purpose of this message for you today.
Every one of you has the capacity to respond to the light activation within you. It is part of your inheritance because it is your energy that is inherent within you, far beyond ancestral inheritance that you speak about and are aware of. This is the spectrum of light originating in the One Creative Source – and you are of that. Thus it is done.

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