Prepare for sudden change

In a recent Personal Energy Multi-dimensional Field session the person was visited by Galactic Beings [again]. Work is being done enhancing energy systems around Earth. Interplanetary network of Beings helping in many ways, achieving improved ways of living, these ways exist in you and many people It is hidden/masked at the present time. This different way of living is like ascending into the different dimension. It will be like flicking a switch into this different dimension of living – timing is not revealed.
People are being checked for their preparedness to accept a sudden change. It will appear people will come to a standstill, perhaps in sleep, and will then be switched on/into the new dimension. The information is already in you. Be aware there will be a sudden change, upliftment. People may call it ascension. It is not dying, the body will change. There is an abundance of energy for everyone when they seek it, needs opening of minds, like curiosity to know why they are in the body on Earth.

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