Golden Light Beings

Perhaps you see them as Golden Light energy Beings and this indicates a level of expansion and connection to Source Energy and the level of presence and purpose as they mingle with you at this time, speaking directly to many of you in your heart sensing, and this is important because then you know their presence.
They encompass you in the field of knowledge to do with the changing systems around Earth planet, changing systems that have always existed but you are becoming more aware and conscious of the existence of the energy systems of Light. This is appearing to you as crystalline light at this time, sparkling energy around you. You would feel it on your skin. You would feel it in the layers of your energy form surrounding your physical skin and as you correctly attune with this energy coming through the Light Portals from Source, there is a cleansing effect and many of you may have been realising your physical systems have been manifesting certain symptoms and the sensing is that you have been needing to be clear. ~ Issue #989 Oct 19, 2019

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