Time Travel and Parallel Realities

Lani – Doe she have lives, living in other dimensions in parallel universes – aspects of her co-existing in parallel universes? Is that part of her?
Higher Self – Multiple.
Lani – Is it valuable in this current life pattern for her to know what she is doing in another dimension?
Lani – Does she know she time travels?
HS – she is beginning to suspect.
Lani – Does she need to trust what she feels and knows?
HS – Yes. Be more open to it.
Lani – What is the purpose of the time travel?
HS – To see the other parallel realities.
Lani – what is the purpose of that? Does she need to observe that? Does it help in some way.
HS – It can.
Lani – Does the information get collected?
HS – It can do, and to observe.
Lani – Is she doing anything with it, with the information?
HS – Not yet. She doesn’t know, not understanding that it is happening more
Lani – The information that she observes and gathers –
HS – Not to doubt it
Lani – and does she need to present that into some other group or aspect? What is the purpose of gathering it, observing it? What does she need to do with that? Where does it go?
HS – Into higher dimensions
Lani – Does she go somewhere to take it into higher dimensions?
HS – She understands something that she didn’t before. She is learning? She needs to ask herself what is she learning, see the lesson in it.
Lani – Is it possible to make changes in these other ….
HS – Definitely. She can make changes and come back.
Lani – Is that appropriate and needed?
HS – Yes it is.
Lani – So she is existing in that state where she time travels? HS – The time travel is part of the parallel universe, going into it and coming back to “this reality”.

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