Light Quota Capsules

Lani – you showed her a life where they did not eat food, it was all capsules and liquids which had been made. Did they still contain life-force?
Higher Self – Very much so. they have been condensed into such a state that they are basically like a glowing – the way to describe it is, it is like taking a piece of light as such and inducing that. It is essentially like taking sparks of light and that is all we require and that is what these capsules have evolved to.
It is we are taking our light quota and they have been prescribed specifically for us and that is how we will be receiving them. Not everyone is receiving the same light quota capsule It is all tailored to what the requirements are.
Lani – another question – at some stage did we have star bases existing on Earth and are they coming back into existence to help us evolve?
HS – Yes the stars are another way of increasing the light quota so they are present to help whatever existence is around to remember who they truly are and the way to do this is to increase the light quota. The stars are here as a protective cloak to call upon. We can ingest the stars as such as well through the visual process so by star-gazing we can draw on more light to flow through the physical body at the present time.
Lani – thank you. I have seen that as a starfield matrix that enters into us and aligns us. We have that same starfield matrix in us?
HS – Yes

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