Higher Self – Pleiades

HS – Higher Self – A group of stars – in the Pleiades – also links with inner Earth crystalline realm.
Lani – is it true that most of us are being upgraded to a higher frequency?
HS – those of you who choose to.
Lani – I feel she is increasing the layer of energy frequency around the planet just by bringing this information and energy coming through helps everyone on the planet.
HS – Absolutely. Collectively that is what we do. Acknowledge this frequency coming in, allow it to flow into your body and allow it to flow through. As it flows, it flows out like rivers of crystalline energy, the rivers that flow up into the stars [from inner Earth].
Client is taken to see a city of light – its like an upgraded version of Earth.
There are many beautiful structures. One in particular is a living temple and it is made out of crystalline liquid energy. It is violet coloured structure. This is one of the places to use the crystalline healing energy, can take people there. As soon as you are in the structure, you are receiving healing. Structures for well-being, even upgrading certain aspects of their frequency. From Earth we can take people there, into them. Many of them, different ones. There are learning centres there are no books – if you wish to learn about a certain field or study you can just present yourself there and receive the information.

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