Pleiades Being raising vibration

Assistance from a Being representing a consciousness group from Pleiades group gave the person personal advice, and –
PB – It is a difficult time for everyone. We are challenged but we are stronger than you think. We are all connected and must remember that. Feel the flow.
Lani – Do you work through humans to bring energy in?
PB – We assist as much as we are felt. We are. We raise the vibration. The vibration is raised as the human allows the flow. If the human resists there is no integration of higher vibration. Humans are mostly disconnected.
Lani – As part of us bringing Light in – Are we establishing a different civilisation?
PB – Yes.
Lani – and will it come into being on Earth, or somewhere else?
PB – It will manifest on Earth. It is in the process of becoming. It is a young civilisation. Be patient.
Lani – Earth sometimes receives attention, beams, pulses of light, through the sun or other galaxies. Is that accurate? Is this helping us to shift and raise our vibration?
PB – Yes. We are connected with Earth and as Earth you are connected to everybody else so there is more interest in the Earth than you think, because what happens on Earth is affecting the universes, other galaxies so there is an interest but we cannot interfere because this is a planet of free will. We can only assist if it is welcomed.
Lani – thank you, we both welcome this assistance. Is energy coming in from other solar systems, star systems to assist. Is it all connected?
PB – It can only connect if the receptors are there but it is also about balance. Not everything is wanted.

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