Star Bases

“….already many of you are visualising that you are working in a different Star Base and this is important because these Star Bases have a similarity and an existence around the planet Earth-Being currently. So in this way, you have connected in this greater dimension connected to the Star Base which exists already on the planet. It is not appropriate in the current presentation for you to move from your physical location as it is, into the Star Base, because the Star Base is existing in a different dimension, just as the crystalline light cities exist in a different dimension currently and it is only when your consciousness field has expanded that you connect with these spaces.
There is great work being done in the Star Bases and the Star Bases are presently being occupied and worked in by Beings from other galactic fields of existence, ready to welcome you into those spaces, ready to welcome the overall civilisation of Earth Beings when the Earth Beings have considered themselves to be clear enough to take part in the galactic group of Beings. It depends on every individual and there is the self limitation, self determination and filtering system which will allow you entry into the Star Bases only when your entire energy system is recognised that it can exist in those Star Bases
The Star Bases connect to the overall energy matrix throughout all creation, throughout all dimensions and it is important to recognise that they exist closely to the dimension of where and how you are existing. It is not that we say you cannot enter into the Star Bases or perhaps we say you can – it is determined by other energy factors personal to you. We are just sharing this information and the process involved with you. ~Issue 979 Aug 8 2019

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