The Shift

– we would say to you – a massive shift – a great shifting in focus and in the dimensions of light. This is spoken about in many different ways, and the many different ways are because of the different interpretations, depending on the level of the light spectrum – or the level of consciousness, in the dimensional fields of consciousness – where the person, or the being, is focused. This gives rise to the difference in the interpretation of what the shift is.
We would say to you to maintain your strong attention and connection to your Point of Origin. ~ Issue 974 July 4 2019

You may have already been experiencing a physical shift, as if you were sitting in one place and the next moment you were aware of shifting into a different position and this will have represented a shift in the dimensional field around you which you consciously placed yourself into and there are many of you have been focusing on this term “the shift”. The shift relates to your own state of consciousness and where you perceive yourself to be, what your intention is and what you allow yourself to experience. The impulse you all have from your origination space connected with Source Energy is to continually be upgraded and expansion of your senses, your perceptions, your awareness, your consciousness.
~Issue 973 June 27 2019

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