Was I Hypnotised?

Many people question if they have had a successful QHHT session because they were ‘aware’ during the session. I wanted to share some proof I recently got.
As a scientist and QHHT practitioner, I am always looking for evidence of things to confirm my beliefs. (It’s the scientific way – hypothesis and then testing to get the answer )
I had my own session on Friday. I wear a Fitbit 24/7 and I don’t even notice it any more. It measures activity, but also HR and your sleep cycle. During my session I felt aware and remembered most of the session. I did feel like my eyes and eyelids were really rapidly moving but other than that remembered much including hearing sounds in the hallway.
Yesterday I happened to sync my Fitbit and was puzzled when I saw a 3 hr nap on Friday. When I looked more closely, I noticed that it was the exact same length of time as my hypnosis session. The Fitbit registered me as spending 2/3 of my time in light sleep, a bit in deep and then the other 1/3 of the time in REM sleep (that was the SC). It even had the exact time when I had to take a bathroom break. That helped me to confirm that my brainwaves were in trance level even though I felt aware during the session.
I hope that helps people feel more confident that they are in trance even when they feel aware.
~ Deanna Frey – Official Dolores Cannon Group. Nov 2020