Higher Self / Super Consciousness Help

The wonderful part of QHHT sessions is the help given to the person during the session.
The HS /SC is always loving and supportive and explains why difficulties have been experienced. It clears blocked energies such as vows made, emotions, fears, damage from other lifetimes affecting people now.
One person was taken to a lifetime where she slipped off a cliff, damaged spine, left to die. The HS put blue energy into her spinal discs [which she felt]. She also realised this was where her fear of heights originated and she released that herself.
A person wanted to know why she hurts herself, usually spine, while she is helping others. The HS/SC took her to experience the lifetime where she was stabbed in the back while she was helping defend a castle, The HS/SC cleared the energy imprint of that. The client now understands why she feels the the need to shield her back. Healing was given to her spine. After the 2 hour session she felt lighter, no back pain, was inspired and energised and felt supported.
In another session a man realised where his fear of horses came from and throat and skin issues – he experienced the lifetime where he was hanged and burned. The HS/SC cleared the energy imprint.
Experiencing the connection to the HS/SC in whatever way that is experienced in the session is always valuable.

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