New Earth

Lani – when we forget about time and move into the overall existence of consciousness – at some level all of that work must have been achieved? she has been cleared of all of that – all the trauma from this lifetime? At some level that has already been cleared?
HS – yes it has already been cleared. The experience is just waiting for her to step into it when she is ready, so the heaven on Earth feeling is waiting for her and she has felt glimpses of it, seen glimpses, felt it on all different levels but that total immersion is just there waiting for her.
Lani – is it correct – consciousness on Earth – many of us are feeling this new Earth, this new beginning closely around us, already existing. Is that correct?
HS – the new Earth as far as I know is already amongst us so it is a matter of slowly stepping into the new frequency and integrating into the new journey. It won’t seem at all obvious, it will just be like taking that next step forward. As long as you are consciously doing the work to assist your being in clearing karma, then the journey will reveal itself. it is closer than what we think or what human beings think – as a collective I say “we”
Lani – thank you.

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