Anxiety and Depression

Feeling anxious is a state that many people experience, with the resulting low energy, depression, sleep disturbance, stress held in the body, stomach/digestive/bowel disturbances, migraine pain – the list can go on.

Many of my clients come in feeling anxious and disturbed and after just one treatment will say, I feel much better! They report feeling calm, and strong and are therefore able to deal with what is happening in their lives with clarity of thought and emotion. Anxiety and depression are very successfully treated with the Personal Energy Multi-dimensional Field [PEMF] treatments.

The energy device used in the sessions stimulates the body to produce and repair the natural neuro-chemicals – the “feel good” chemicals we all have, and need.

Then the body will use the energy to repair other disturbances experienced elsewhere in the body.

With the increased stimulation provided through a few regular treatments with the unit, the body is able to produce sufficient neuro-chemicals to sustain the level to maintain a healthy attitude. People find they like to have a top-up session about once a month.

One of my clients who came for several problems, joint paints, depression, fearful and anxious about many things, commented felt better after each session but especially staying stronger emotionally, after 4 sessions fear totally gone, increased energy – took up playing bowls, no panic attacks.
Another person also reports anxiety gone from his life and able to relax and to cope better with other problems in his life.
One of the users had the energy after two treatments to go for a run before work each morning and felt motivated to do a daily online course.
After two treatments another client reported that he was getting ideas and acting on them – getting out to enjoy his life again and was able to wean himself off anti-depression medication.

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