Neck Shoulder Pain

Persistent neck and shoulder pain for 3 years, despite other treatments. This woman had 3 sessions with energy going deeply into the tissues, joints, etc., through spine and releasing stresses to do with experiences she had experienced at age 11 yrs and 5 years. The energy always clears disturbances throughout the lifetime. She came back after 3 months reporting that pain had completely gone, but she had damaged a shoulder and wanted another treatment for that.

Shoulder injury and PTSD

A woman in her 30’s came with various bone and joint injuries and PTSD.
Feeling better after each treatment, in particular after session #4 she reports that for the first time in 2 years she has not had to use a heat pad on her neck/shoulder and the shoulder feels much better. More work continues in session #5 to rebalance all the surrounding supporting tissue.
Her left leg femur had multiple fractures from 18 years ago. First time in colder weather her hip joint is not aching and her circulation is improved. She feels more at ease and less emotional.

Sleep pattern

A client has had 3 treatments. Even after the first he was able to sleep for 5 hours without the use of sleeping tablets. He tells me the discussions we have about what is observed in different levels of his body, mind, consciousness has helped him feel comfortable with himself. Healing is more than just working on physical symptoms. He also noticed an improvement in an old spinal injury. He has emailed me this comment: “Just want you to know I’m sleeping well now. The healing session had opened my spiritual awareness even more. Thanks heaps. God bless you.”

and –
The energy drawn in by the body during the treatments works to balance the natural neuro-chemicals relating to night and day, sleep and wakefulness, as well as addressing underlying stress which triggers the sleep disorder.

After just one session a user reported able to sleep again and to have a natural nap during the day – after 4 years of not being able to do this. Natural rhythms are being restored in the body processes. She is returning for more treatments!

Past Trauma

After 1 treatment a client suffering from past trauma was able to easily drive through an intersection which is the site of an accident – the fear had gone! She feels the energy moving into stressful areas in her body – and she feels lighter! The energy is working on body mind and soul.