Star Bases

Orem told me this morning they are establishing more Star Bases around our planet and we will be seeing them – at this time they are not fully visible and he said it is not appropriate yet to reveal the locations.
I feel that there are some of us who are preparing to move into these Star Bases. Are you ready?

Star bases

It is the ongoing sense of expansion and purification and establishing of star bases on Earth and through Earth, through the time where they were neglected, or faded out of existence, and in this movement through time you see the appearance of them again, of very powerful places to exist in, of wonderful creation that supports and clarifies the mission and the purpose that Earth became engaged in.

In this movement through time you again reconnect with the energy spheres that you brought through time portals to manifest this again around you and in the holistic experience of the Earth pattern.

– Issue 963 Apr 18 2019

Vital Essence

There is the aspect of this that you have drawn into you which we will term for you – as your vital essence. This vital essence works throughout your energy field in many ways. The vital essence identified for you at this particular time around the planet, is also within the element of water.
Consider the pure element of water energised through the vital essence. – that vital essence which you received from Source Creation and which you carry within you.
~ Issue #950

Earth cease to Exist?

You may have the sense, or heard, that Earth will cease to exist. Earth is changing. You are changing. You have a different energy field, everyone of you, from that which you had when you entered into early years of development in this physical form you have now, and the energy that sustains you has changed. The energy light frequency coming through the sun has changed. It is continually changing. You are needed to illuminate your cellular processes with the light frequency channelled through the sun portal and that touches upon everything that is surrounding this present central focus. – #938

Receiving Station

Become aware now of the greater congregation and focus of many types of Beings around you, supporting you. Most of these need to come through this Station of Light in some way, because where we are positioned we are working as a Receiving Station, as a particular portal and focus. You would see the relationship of you being drawn into the initial receiving area of this Station and then the relationship between different aspects of the Station as a receiver of Beings from other dimensions who come forward to observe you and assist you in their own ways, as is appropriate for you as an individual and for the overall planet system.
– Issue 931 – Sep 6 2018