You can order a Distant Personal Energy Multi-dimensional Field Session
or Contact me for an appointment to see me – see the CONTACT tab above.

Option 1
You can make an appointment to use the Scalar Field Unit or the PEMF MRT5000 unit for the 20 minutes cycle to receive the benefits known from these types of energy field devices which have the golden ratio inherently in them.
Fee – $20

Option 2
This is a much more in-depth session, with explanations to help you.

The sessions are usually 1 hour to allow time for discussion before and after the 20 minutes receiving the energy through the unit.
So that you feel relaxed during a session, I have you sit in a comfortable reclining chair and softly play music, with the energy field unit resting on your body. The energy helps you to relax and sometimes it is felt going to parts of the body. The energy to heal / restore can go to physical, emotional, mental concerns. I observe where the energy is working within you and I tell you about it after the session, recording it and emailing it to you so that you can listen to it again, to continue receiving the energy.

During the PEMF [Personal Energy Multi-dimensional Field] sessions people experience reconnection to their Highest Evolved Self and notice the difference. After a few days they may experience a drop in their energy. This is why they receive a recording of their session, whether it is a Distant or in person session, so they can again experience the reconnection to their Highest Evolved Self. Every session contains energy and wisdom from that HES. Perhaps you had a session in previous years – have you listened to it again to receive even more energy and insight?

Please read PEMF Message Client Statement
Scalar Field discussion

Payment options $50
Cash, or
By bank transfer [New Zealand bank account] – please email me for account details, or
You can pre-pay online by credit card, or Paypal account here: