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mrsharbormaster commented: “Thank You Always. I am very Grateful for your bright, cheerful loving connections with me and all that are parts of this process. Love, Light & Gratitude 🌎💥🌏”
I am deeply grateful for you, for our Family of Light and for All Our Relations that exist and how they assist us as they do. All presented here resonates so energetically, beautifully and brightly for me. Lani, there’s so much I want to share with you and others listening of how our Light Family’s “gentle impact of unfoldment” supports my evolution along this amazing journey in/of Unity and Oneness. I hold love and light to you and all – Wendy Kathleen Levering. youtube comment. Session 1063

SOUL SEEKERS NZ – This explains a lot about how I’ve been feeling these last few days. Thankyou for the confirmation! – Session 1062

mrsharbormaster commented: “Another very bright & very full transmission. Lots of light & powerful. Thank You. Love, Light, Balance & your caring, very Grateful

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