Higher Self / Super Consciousness Help

The wonderful part of QHHT sessions is the help given to the person during the session.
The HS /SC is always loving and supportive and explains why difficulties have been experienced. It clears blocked energies such as vows made, emotions, fears, damage from other lifetimes affecting people now.
One person was taken to a lifetime where she slipped off a cliff, damaged spine, left to die. The HS put blue energy into her spinal discs [which she felt]. She also realised this was where her fear of heights originated and she released that herself.
A person wanted to know why she hurts herself, usually spine, while she is helping others. The HS/SC took her to experience the lifetime where she was stabbed in the back while she was helping defend a castle, The HS/SC cleared the energy imprint of that. The client now understands why she feels the the need to shield her back. Healing was given to her spine. After the 2 hour session she felt lighter, no back pain, was inspired and energised and felt supported.
In another session a man realised where his fear of horses came from and throat and skin issues – he experienced the lifetime where he was hanged and burned. The HS/SC cleared the energy imprint.
Experiencing the connection to the HS/SC in whatever way that is experienced in the session is always valuable.

Time Travel and Parallel Realities

Lani – Doe she have lives, living in other dimensions in parallel universes – aspects of her co-existing in parallel universes? Is that part of her?
Higher Self – Multiple.
Lani – Is it valuable in this current life pattern for her to know what she is doing in another dimension?
Lani – Does she know she time travels?
HS – she is beginning to suspect.
Lani – Does she need to trust what she feels and knows?
HS – Yes. Be more open to it.
Lani – What is the purpose of the time travel?
HS – To see the other parallel realities.
Lani – what is the purpose of that? Does she need to observe that? Does it help in some way.
HS – It can.
Lani – Does the information get collected?
HS – It can do, and to observe.
Lani – Is she doing anything with it, with the information?
HS – Not yet. She doesn’t know, not understanding that it is happening more
Lani – The information that she observes and gathers –
HS – Not to doubt it
Lani – and does she need to present that into some other group or aspect? What is the purpose of gathering it, observing it? What does she need to do with that? Where does it go?
HS – Into higher dimensions
Lani – Does she go somewhere to take it into higher dimensions?
HS – She understands something that she didn’t before. She is learning? She needs to ask herself what is she learning, see the lesson in it.
Lani – Is it possible to make changes in these other ….
HS – Definitely. She can make changes and come back.
Lani – Is that appropriate and needed?
HS – Yes it is.
Lani – So she is existing in that state where she time travels? HS – The time travel is part of the parallel universe, going into it and coming back to “this reality”.

Light Quota Capsules

Lani – you showed her a life where they did not eat food, it was all capsules and liquids which had been made. Did they still contain life-force?
Higher Self – Very much so. they have been condensed into such a state that they are basically like a glowing – the way to describe it is, it is like taking a piece of light as such and inducing that. It is essentially like taking sparks of light and that is all we require and that is what these capsules have evolved to.
It is we are taking our light quota and they have been prescribed specifically for us and that is how we will be receiving them. Not everyone is receiving the same light quota capsule It is all tailored to what the requirements are.
Lani – another question – at some stage did we have star bases existing on Earth and are they coming back into existence to help us evolve?
HS – Yes the stars are another way of increasing the light quota so they are present to help whatever existence is around to remember who they truly are and the way to do this is to increase the light quota. The stars are here as a protective cloak to call upon. We can ingest the stars as such as well through the visual process so by star-gazing we can draw on more light to flow through the physical body at the present time.
Lani – thank you. I have seen that as a starfield matrix that enters into us and aligns us. We have that same starfield matrix in us?
HS – Yes

Restoration Pod

This is an extraction from a session –
Lani – In one experience you showed her getting into something like a pod to be restored…. are those types of pods available to us currently in our consciousness as a restoration pod for us to consciously use?
HS – Yes very much so and it is very important at this time to place yourself in a pod-like situation to eliminate anything that is no longer serving you and you have to step into that space to be able to see where the assistance is required from the different layers of the Being.

New Earth

Lani – when we forget about time and move into the overall existence of consciousness – at some level all of that work must have been achieved? she has been cleared of all of that – all the trauma from this lifetime? At some level that has already been cleared?
HS – yes it has already been cleared. The experience is just waiting for her to step into it when she is ready, so the heaven on Earth feeling is waiting for her and she has felt glimpses of it, seen glimpses, felt it on all different levels but that total immersion is just there waiting for her.
Lani – is it correct – consciousness on Earth – many of us are feeling this new Earth, this new beginning closely around us, already existing. Is that correct?
HS – the new Earth as far as I know is already amongst us so it is a matter of slowly stepping into the new frequency and integrating into the new journey. It won’t seem at all obvious, it will just be like taking that next step forward. As long as you are consciously doing the work to assist your being in clearing karma, then the journey will reveal itself. it is closer than what we think or what human beings think – as a collective I say “we”
Lani – thank you.

Higher Self – Pleiades

HS – Higher Self – A group of stars – in the Pleiades – also links with inner Earth crystalline realm.
Lani – is it true that most of us are being upgraded to a higher frequency?
HS – those of you who choose to.
Lani – I feel she is increasing the layer of energy frequency around the planet just by bringing this information and energy coming through helps everyone on the planet.
HS – Absolutely. Collectively that is what we do. Acknowledge this frequency coming in, allow it to flow into your body and allow it to flow through. As it flows, it flows out like rivers of crystalline energy, the rivers that flow up into the stars [from inner Earth].
Client is taken to see a city of light – its like an upgraded version of Earth.
There are many beautiful structures. One in particular is a living temple and it is made out of crystalline liquid energy. It is violet coloured structure. This is one of the places to use the crystalline healing energy, can take people there. As soon as you are in the structure, you are receiving healing. Structures for well-being, even upgrading certain aspects of their frequency. From Earth we can take people there, into them. Many of them, different ones. There are learning centres there are no books – if you wish to learn about a certain field or study you can just present yourself there and receive the information.

Pleiades Being raising vibration

Assistance from a Being representing a consciousness group from Pleiades group gave the person personal advice, and –
PB – It is a difficult time for everyone. We are challenged but we are stronger than you think. We are all connected and must remember that. Feel the flow.
Lani – Do you work through humans to bring energy in?
PB – We assist as much as we are felt. We are. We raise the vibration. The vibration is raised as the human allows the flow. If the human resists there is no integration of higher vibration. Humans are mostly disconnected.
Lani – As part of us bringing Light in – Are we establishing a different civilisation?
PB – Yes.
Lani – and will it come into being on Earth, or somewhere else?
PB – It will manifest on Earth. It is in the process of becoming. It is a young civilisation. Be patient.
Lani – Earth sometimes receives attention, beams, pulses of light, through the sun or other galaxies. Is that accurate? Is this helping us to shift and raise our vibration?
PB – Yes. We are connected with Earth and as Earth you are connected to everybody else so there is more interest in the Earth than you think, because what happens on Earth is affecting the universes, other galaxies so there is an interest but we cannot interfere because this is a planet of free will. We can only assist if it is welcomed.
Lani – thank you, we both welcome this assistance. Is energy coming in from other solar systems, star systems to assist. Is it all connected?
PB – It can only connect if the receptors are there but it is also about balance. Not everything is wanted.