Station Notes

Higher Self – Pleiades

HS – Higher Self – A group of stars – in the Pleiades – also links with inner Earth crystalline realm.
Lani – is it true that most of us are being upgraded to a higher frequency?
HS – those of you who choose to.
Lani – I feel she is increasing the layer of energy frequency around the planet just by bringing this information and energy coming through helps everyone on the planet.
HS – Absolutely. Collectively that is what we do. Acknowledge this frequency coming in, allow it to flow into your body and allow it to flow through. As it flows, it flows out like rivers of crystalline energy, the rivers that flow up into the stars [from inner Earth].
Client is taken to see a city of light – its like an upgraded version of Earth.
There are many beautiful structures. One in particular is a living temple and it is made out of crystalline liquid energy. It is violet coloured structure. This is one of the places to use the crystalline healing energy, can take people there. As soon as you are in the structure, you are receiving healing. Structures for well-being, even upgrading certain aspects of their frequency. From Earth we can take people there, into them. Many of them, different ones. There are learning centres there are no books – if you wish to learn about a certain field or study you can just present yourself there and receive the information.

Pleiades Being raising vibration

Assistance from a Being representing a consciousness group from Pleiades group gave the person personal advice, and –
PB – It is a difficult time for everyone. We are challenged but we are stronger than you think. We are all connected and must remember that. Feel the flow.
Lani – Do you work through humans to bring energy in?
PB – We assist as much as we are felt. We are. We raise the vibration. The vibration is raised as the human allows the flow. If the human resists there is no integration of higher vibration. Humans are mostly disconnected.
Lani – As part of us bringing Light in – Are we establishing a different civilisation?
PB – Yes.
Lani – and will it come into being on Earth, or somewhere else?
PB – It will manifest on Earth. It is in the process of becoming. It is a young civilisation. Be patient.
Lani – Earth sometimes receives attention, beams, pulses of light, through the sun or other galaxies. Is that accurate? Is this helping us to shift and raise our vibration?
PB – Yes. We are connected with Earth and as Earth you are connected to everybody else so there is more interest in the Earth than you think, because what happens on Earth is affecting the universes, other galaxies so there is an interest but we cannot interfere because this is a planet of free will. We can only assist if it is welcomed.
Lani – thank you, we both welcome this assistance. Is energy coming in from other solar systems, star systems to assist. Is it all connected?
PB – It can only connect if the receptors are there but it is also about balance. Not everything is wanted.

Bio-energetic Shield

What you are doing in this current lifetime again is activating those energy codes within you which allow you to absorb and integrate the higher pattern of light. ….and it may also enable you to disregard any energy field that is being emanated from localised constructions.
….. what you are absorbing from Source Energy – to strengthen your entire energy system, giving the perception that you are in a shield – a natural, bio-energetic shield. That bio-energetic shield which arises from Source Energy is the ongoing perfect system for all life. It is a light frequency pattern that is measured mathematically and which exists everywhere in creation, in the natural order. ~Issue 981 Aug 22 2019

Star Bases

“….already many of you are visualising that you are working in a different Star Base and this is important because these Star Bases have a similarity and an existence around the planet Earth-Being currently. So in this way, you have connected in this greater dimension connected to the Star Base which exists already on the planet. It is not appropriate in the current presentation for you to move from your physical location as it is, into the Star Base, because the Star Base is existing in a different dimension, just as the crystalline light cities exist in a different dimension currently and it is only when your consciousness field has expanded that you connect with these spaces.
There is great work being done in the Star Bases and the Star Bases are presently being occupied and worked in by Beings from other galactic fields of existence, ready to welcome you into those spaces, ready to welcome the overall civilisation of Earth Beings when the Earth Beings have considered themselves to be clear enough to take part in the galactic group of Beings. It depends on every individual and there is the self limitation, self determination and filtering system which will allow you entry into the Star Bases only when your entire energy system is recognised that it can exist in those Star Bases
The Star Bases connect to the overall energy matrix throughout all creation, throughout all dimensions and it is important to recognise that they exist closely to the dimension of where and how you are existing. It is not that we say you cannot enter into the Star Bases or perhaps we say you can – it is determined by other energy factors personal to you. We are just sharing this information and the process involved with you. ~Issue 979 Aug 8 2019

The Shift

– we would say to you – a massive shift – a great shifting in focus and in the dimensions of light. This is spoken about in many different ways, and the many different ways are because of the different interpretations, depending on the level of the light spectrum – or the level of consciousness, in the dimensional fields of consciousness – where the person, or the being, is focused. This gives rise to the difference in the interpretation of what the shift is.
We would say to you to maintain your strong attention and connection to your Point of Origin. ~ Issue 974 July 4 2019

You may have already been experiencing a physical shift, as if you were sitting in one place and the next moment you were aware of shifting into a different position and this will have represented a shift in the dimensional field around you which you consciously placed yourself into and there are many of you have been focusing on this term “the shift”. The shift relates to your own state of consciousness and where you perceive yourself to be, what your intention is and what you allow yourself to experience. The impulse you all have from your origination space connected with Source Energy is to continually be upgraded and expansion of your senses, your perceptions, your awareness, your consciousness.
~Issue 973 June 27 2019

Ancestral clearing

There is also the pattern that you have around you in your current form of many layers of existence from your connections to other Beings – ancestral connections. Yes, through your terminology the bloodlines – the connections that you resonate with.
In this moment of pure intention and direct connection to Source Energy through your point of origin, you are revealing a pathway for this pure light energy to pass through the ancestral patterns into any dimension, and if you do perceive other aspects of your ancestral line, then you will also perceive they also are receiving this pure intention of restoration and clearance. – Issue 972 June 20, 2019

Point of Origin

Have you experienced / remembered existing in the Point of Origin space?

What comes through in personal sessions and the Omega energy transmissions is that the Point of Origin can be different for some people. Its the place of existence where each one is highly evolved and working with the pure energy of creation, usually going forth from there to initiate life, preparing the environment on newly formed planetoids, and often people connect back to that existence to remember their mission here to keep them ‘on track’ It is always a very high level of working, even though they exist as individuals there is a common purpose. Part of each of us remains in that existence!

Most people have a sense of this deep within them when we speak about it – do you?

Star Bases

Orem told me this morning they are establishing more Star Bases around our planet and we will be seeing them – at this time they are not fully visible and he said it is not appropriate yet to reveal the locations.
I feel that there are some of us who are preparing to move into these Star Bases. Are you ready?

Star bases

It is the ongoing sense of expansion and purification and establishing of star bases on Earth and through Earth, through the time where they were neglected, or faded out of existence, and in this movement through time you see the appearance of them again, of very powerful places to exist in, of wonderful creation that supports and clarifies the mission and the purpose that Earth became engaged in.

In this movement through time you again reconnect with the energy spheres that you brought through time portals to manifest this again around you and in the holistic experience of the Earth pattern.

– Issue 963 Apr 18 2019