Your Personal Message

You can order a Personal Energy Multi-dimensional Field Message, for energy and information for you at this time.
I like to call them energy journeys, because the Light Beings who will come to you will surely uplift you and wrap you up in their loving support, and they have been waiting for the opportunity to connect with you in this way. The Light Beings who come can be in the form of spirit guides, Angelic messengers, or from other planetary dimensions – whatever is needed for you right now – they help to clear your energy field so that you make the appropriate choices now to create your next step on your journey. Your Personal Energy Multi-dimensional Field Message may also contain healing energy for you.

You will need to email me a recent photograph of the person the message is for. I record the message as if you are with me and email it to you, or if it is for another person, I will email it to them.
PEMF Message Client Statement
You can pay for Your Personal Energy Multi-dimensional Field Message by Credit Card or Paypal -[or by bank transfer between New Zealand banks only. Please email me for details.]

or by Donation

Here are a few words from people who have requested “Your Personal Message” from me:

Dear Lani, Thank you so much for your gift of this message.
I was really overwhelmed (in the best way possible) upon listening to it. Certain things you said brought up a lot of emotions, like when you spoke about the domed civilization.. I just burst out into tears!!
I’ve had a few memories come back to me, and have received a few messages. It was really beautiful and relieving to hear all of this knowledge, thank you so much for channeling it for me. It has sparked a lot inside of myself, some memories and things I’m really excited to delve further in to.
….. my infinite gratitude to you, [R. Auckland]

Dear Lani,
I want you to know how strongly the message is resonating. I feel that it gets deeper and more expansive with every day – as if the information came in a zipped energetic folder; it’s codings stretching out luxuriously inside my heart and popping out everywhere but the rational mind. Thank goodness. Also know that the message confirms a great deal!
Thank you for being so in tune with our etheric realities. Wow. Wow. And one more Wow! InJoy, B.
Lani, Thank you for the message. I am astounded that so many of my questions were answered by you without any external communication about them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – D. Beverly, M.A., USA
I was so moved by the reading and healing Lani , thankyou so so much, you are amazing at what you do! I so needed to hear what came through! I feel like a dry sponge that has just soaked up a river! – P., Melbourne, Australia
POWERFUL. I was moved to tears, held by a peaceful and loving energy, while being given information I needed to know. Thank you.J., E.Sussex, England
Thank you for my spiritual reading. I was amazed at how accurate it is, and it has been of immense value to me. R., TeAwamutu, NZ.
Thank you dear lady for the channelling message. Your tuning in was just amazing, it brought clarity into what I had been thinking about and what was happening to me. H., Waihi, NZ
Thanks for the taped message – it was both inspiring and reassuring. M., NSW, Australia
Thank you for the reading. You said in the reading that I have a staff, yes I do, it is made in NZ with a Tibetan clear quartz crystal that I found in Tibet. A., Auckland, NZ
The more I listen to the messages you have given me, Lani, the more I get from them. A., North Auckland