Inter dimensional visitors

Issue #890 – There is a balancing effect occurring between many of the visitations to the planet, by many of the Beings involved who are positioned in the outer atmosphere around the planet and who are not visible to sight. There is technology that does detect the presence, but as yet, there has been no engagement in terms of any antagonism directed to these vessels and contingents who at times appear to be visiting en masse around the planet. They do not appear to be visible to those who are watching for a long period of time, simply because they are in a different dimension and time is not measured as you measured it in recent years.
There will be opportunities given as evolvement occurs to understand the linkage between dimensions and different states and concepts of time measurement and how there are Beings who can move between different dimensional time elements and thus they can appear beside you or they can instantly disappear. The ones we refer to are not part of those of us working within the Station and who come around you to help you and so it was needed to explain this to you.

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