Ancestral clearing

There is also the pattern that you have around you in your current form of many layers of existence from your connections to other Beings – ancestral connections. Yes, through your terminology the bloodlines – the connections that you resonate with.
In this moment of pure intention and direct connection to Source Energy through your point of origin, you are revealing a pathway for this pure light energy to pass through the ancestral patterns into any dimension, and if you do perceive other aspects of your ancestral line, then you will also perceive they also are receiving this pure intention of restoration and clearance. – Issue 972 June 20, 2019

Point of Origin

Have you experienced / remembered existing in the Point of Origin space?

What comes through in personal sessions and the Omega energy transmissions is that the Point of Origin can be different for some people. Its the place of existence where each one is highly evolved and working with the pure energy of creation, usually going forth from there to initiate life, preparing the environment on newly formed planetoids, and often people connect back to that existence to remember their mission here to keep them ‘on track’ It is always a very high level of working, even though they exist as individuals there is a common purpose. Part of each of us remains in that existence!

Most people have a sense of this deep within them when we speak about it – do you?

Star Bases

Orem told me this morning they are establishing more Star Bases around our planet and we will be seeing them – at this time they are not fully visible and he said it is not appropriate yet to reveal the locations.
I feel that there are some of us who are preparing to move into these Star Bases. Are you ready?

Star bases

It is the ongoing sense of expansion and purification and establishing of star bases on Earth and through Earth, through the time where they were neglected, or faded out of existence, and in this movement through time you see the appearance of them again, of very powerful places to exist in, of wonderful creation that supports and clarifies the mission and the purpose that Earth became engaged in.

In this movement through time you again reconnect with the energy spheres that you brought through time portals to manifest this again around you and in the holistic experience of the Earth pattern.

– Issue 963 Apr 18 2019

Magnetic Fields

You are experiencing a change in focus with magnetic influences changing in and around Earth planet. Your intention now is important to engage with the energy of your true essence. This is vital for the activation of the next layer of existence available to you through your energy connections. We observe you and wait for your conscious connection.

Vital Essence

There is the aspect of this that you have drawn into you which we will term for you – as your vital essence. This vital essence works throughout your energy field in many ways. The vital essence identified for you at this particular time around the planet, is also within the element of water.
Consider the pure element of water energised through the vital essence. – that vital essence which you received from Source Creation and which you carry within you.
~ Issue #950

Earth cease to Exist?

You may have the sense, or heard, that Earth will cease to exist. Earth is changing. You are changing. You have a different energy field, everyone of you, from that which you had when you entered into early years of development in this physical form you have now, and the energy that sustains you has changed. The energy light frequency coming through the sun has changed. It is continually changing. You are needed to illuminate your cellular processes with the light frequency channelled through the sun portal and that touches upon everything that is surrounding this present central focus. – #938