Inter dimensional visitors

Issue #890 – There is a balancing effect occurring between many of the visitations to the planet, by many of the Beings involved who are positioned in the outer atmosphere around the planet and who are not visible to sight. There is technology that does detect the presence, but as yet, there has been no engagement in terms of any antagonism directed to these vessels and contingents who at times appear to be visiting en masse around the planet. They do not appear to be visible to those who are watching for a long period of time, simply because they are in a different dimension and time is not measured as you measured it in recent years.
There will be opportunities given as evolvement occurs to understand the linkage between dimensions and different states and concepts of time measurement and how there are Beings who can move between different dimensional time elements and thus they can appear beside you or they can instantly disappear. The ones we refer to are not part of those of us working within the Station and who come around you to help you and so it was needed to explain this to you.

Galactic Beings

… representatives from many other galaxies coming forward and initially they enter within this Station and some of them can be directed to communicate individually with you. There may be some of them appearing to you in your visions and senses. There is the commitment to uphold the universal support between all who work in this way in this Station for Earth and the Beings here. You may certainly question who appears to you, question their intentions and they are required to be open with all of that. If you do sense any such Beings, it will be because it is the time for you to connect and communicate. – Issue 878 Aug 17 2017

Vessels assisting energy changes

“…many large vessels around the Station of Light, drawn here into this space around Earth. Some are directly around Earth and some are further out around from the different encircling planets and there is a stabilisation and a sorting out of some of the energy which flows into the patterns of the different planets and this is emitted from the sun area and the vibration and what is being manifested in that area for Earth – being brought forward to assist. It is a collective effort, or project perhaps you might see it as, and as this continues then of course your energy frequency changes. You are already beginning to reflect those changes around you physically. The changes are enhancing you. …”- Issue 866

Upliftment Flash Point

.”It is THE moment of the upliftment and activation of many Beings on Earth. So, no matter what they are involved in physically, there is a moment – you may call it a flash point – when full realisation comes to many people and this may include you all here in attendance, and in that moment there is an orientation of the entire Earth plane consciousness into the next state – the next level. ….” – Issue #855

Ulea – I AM love

“So, it is always that I bring you love and help you experience joy and gratitude and that leaves no space in you for the opposite of those expressions and as you realise that, then you are able to move forward into unity with the higher energetic fields coming through to you. This allows you to communicate more clearly with the higher dimensional Beings and you become in accordance, in tune, with the vibrations of those different Beings. ” Ulea – Issue #839
– Affirm I AM Love, I AM Grateful, I AM joyful
and notice the change in you. 🙂